Do you Poken?

19 09 2009

 ... Poken” and you’ll be

Last week at TechEd there were a few people going around with some strange monsters with massive hands attached to their passes. On further investigation I found out these were called Poken and probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a long while.

So what is a Poken? Well it’s an RFID device with a USB interface that when you touch another Poken or ‘High four’ there is an exchange of RFID Id’s.

Now why is that cool? Well when you insert your Poken into a computer USB slot, you are taken to a website where you can configure your contact details and more importantly, your social networking details. So when you High Four someone else, you automatically exchange contact details, but also add them to whatever social network sites you have configured. Tres cool.

Now I just have to hope more people get on the Poken craze so I can use mine a bit more! In the future it would be great for conference organisers to consider giving out something like this as part of the freebies, so you can exchange contact details with fellow delegates instead of it being exhibitors grabbing delegates details.