Another catchup post

28 06 2010

As another few months have passed since I last blogged on I thought I would do a another of my famous catch up posts. I haven’t forgot the site is here as someone emailed me, but rather have been so busy its not been a priority.

Since Christmas lots has happened, I have been busy posting over at my other site,EPM Source Logo, which covers stuff I tend to do on a daily basis. The site is doing extremely well, with visitor numbers climbing steadily and some great feedback from the community. I am aiming for one to two original posts a week, which is pretty hard to achieve. It’s quite easy to repost other stuff, but it’s the originality that is the killer. As well as the site, I also have been spending a heap of time getting the EPM 2010 message out there either in person or in the forums.

MVPLogo2In April I was lucky enough to be awarded a Microsoft MVP award for Project. When I first found out I was nominated I was blown away, then to receive the award a few weeks later put me into orbit. It certainly is humbling to think my colleagues and the community feel that my knowledge in Project was sufficient to be recognised.

Whilst talking about Project, I have also been involved in a heap of public speaking engagements, including:

As well as bending anyone’s ear I can find at the monthly MOSSIG meetings.

On a more personal note, my folks came out on holiday for a few weeks at theIMG_4727 Fuse beginning of the year which was awesome. The kids loved spending time with their grandparents and getting to see there is more to them than an hour a week on skype. I have also been trying to spend more quality time with the family over the weekends, and as a family we have been making sure we use the weekend time wisely. We have had some great times out at the museum, in the city, cinema and generally hanging out and having fun. We’ve also managed to squeeze a number of birthdays and parties into the mix, both kids starting kinder as well as building what felt like the worlds biggest cubby house, dancing concerts and a wedding to boot.

So there you go, as you can see it’s been a busy time, hopefully it will ease up over the next few months so I can get some nerdy posts out… in fact I have one I am working on now. Smile




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