Cold in Canberra…

24 05 2005

I did have loads of updates but lost the will to post them when MT crapped out… never fear though, you’ll be getting loads more now 🙂

Today I am in Canberra. My job of the past 5 months has a tad more travelling than the other one. So far I have been to Adelaide, Hobart twice and Canberra on numerous occassions. Canberra is a funny old place, it’s the only place I know where the cashpoint have signs saying "Remember to take all your money with you". Scary. And these people run the Australian economy.

The new job is great. I am loving the vibrancy of the people I am working with, they are all so clever and passionate about what they are doing. Each specialist is assigned a product that they are to become an expert in, mine is Sharepoint and WSS. These were two technologies I looked at a couple of years ago and said wow.. now they are even cooler and seeing organisations get the benefits from using them is even better.

There is only one downside about being in Canberra, and that is having to stay overnight away from my lovely wife.
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