OptusQuota – Overview

Optus have pulled the feed this gadget and several other Optus usage meters use, which is causing the gadget to fail. Click here for more info


OptusQuota is designed to automatically query the OptusNet usage web site, scrape details about your account and bring those details back down onto your Windows Vista Sidebar.

The default view for the gadget shows your peak and offpeak usage in two bars. The top bar shows the peak usage, the bottom bar the offpeak usage.

Background Colour

The background colour of the bars changes depending on how much you have downloaded compared to a ratio of your quota against the number of days in the billing period.

OptusQuota on Sidebar Percentage View

If you have downloaded less than your daily allowance, the bar will be green. If you have downloaded more, it will be red. If both bars are red, you are in a whole world of hurt.


If you have been downloading way too much and blow your quota, then you will get throttled where the speed is reduced to 56k. The OptusNet Quota gadget will tell you if you get throttled and also let you know how many days there are until the quota is reset.


You can choose to show how much you have downloaded as a percentage of your allowance. To enable this, choose the Percentage data view from the settings menu.

Settings Percentage

 More Information

Clicking on the gadget will open a flyout page containing a heap of extra information, including:

  • Your peak and offpeak quota amount
  • How much you have used
  • How many days until you are reset
  • your plan name
  • and a projected daily allowance of downloads based on your remaining quota and the number of days left in the period.

OptusQuota More Information

Check Settings

If you see the Check Settings message, it’s because you havn’t set the gadget up with your OptusNet account details. To do this, either click on the sidebar settings icon (shown below), or right click on the gadget and choose options.

OptusQuota Settings

Clicking on the gadget will also show some help on how to set the gadget up.


 Error handling

If you get your account details wrong, OptusNet will refuse to let the gadget connect. In such a case the gadget will either show a ‘Error / Click me’ message or a ‘Loading…’ message.  The most usual scenario is that Optus are in the middle of updating your quota, and the site is unavailable. The gadget has now been updated to display the last received quota information in the gadet, but with a greyed out background indicating an error has occurred. Clicking on the gadget opens up more information on the error recieved from OptusNet.


The network detection error handling has been improved, if the OptusQuota website cannot be contacted or the Quota information cannot be extracted, the words ‘Service Unavailable’ will be displayed. The gadget will retry every 30 minutes until the service is resumed.


1.2.0 (06/07/08)

  • Complete support for Optus Fusion plans
  • Improved network performance
  • Improved version checking (06/03/07)

  • Added Percentage view and selection on settings
  • BugFix : Fixed overquota flyout text error
  • Improved network error handling, no more ‘Loading…’ when the Optus Quota site isn’t available. (13/02/07)

  • Updated graphics courtesy of Phil Harrison
  • Updated CSS to reflect new graphics
  • If OptusZoo cannot be contacted, then show last known usage and show error in flyout
  • Less obtrusive help and info links
  • Automatic notification of newer version available on Live Gallery (24/01/07)

  • Updated to point at new OptusZoo location for the usage information.

  • Internal build.

  • Bugfix: text is now centered correctly using CSS
  • Bugfix: fixed issue on first day of quota reset where the usage vs daily quota allowance background image was incorrect
  • Added further information link to all flyout windows

  • improved error handling
  • flyout menu
  • background image changes based on usage vs daily quota allowance
  • statistics
  • throttled alert

  • intial version

6 responses

12 01 2008

i cant log in.. plz help me…
which username & password should i fill in??

11 02 2008

This looks like a great gadget and I have been trying to get it running for ages now with no luck, can someone please help me out, it looks extremely straight forward ad I’ve followed the instructions but still no joy.

Error number : 1
Error reason : Unable to login

Please check the username and password in the settings

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

14 02 2008

Hey mate, i love the gadget, but the problem is that i am on the fusion plan and it does not display how much i have uploaded. The problem with this is, it says i am at 87%, but actually i have gone over my usage allowance because it has not totalled uploads and downloads.

I hope u can fix this,

Thanks SSSStocky

3 05 2008

i used the username and password as i used to login to post this and it isn’t recognising me.

Any thought?


25 06 2008

If you are having problems logging in, check to make sure that you are using the same username and password as on this page: https://memberservices.optuszoo.com.au/login/?target=/myusage/

i.e. The Username should not have the @optusnet.com.au included in it.

25 06 2008


If you are on a fusion plan like me and want to see your full usage (download plus upload) optus now show “usage up” in their text usage page, therefore it is a pretty simple change to the “optus.js” to get it to include both amounts in the usage. You can find optus.js in your “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\OptusQuota.v1.1.2.9.gadget\js” directory.

Then add the following lines in at line 209:

// Add Usage Up for Fusion Plans
subStringFirstPart = Results.indexOf(“usage_up=”,subStringOffpeakUsage) + 9;
subStringSecondPart = Results.indexOf(“MB”, subStringFirstPart);
globalPeakUsage = Math.abs(globalPeakUsage) + Math.abs(Results.substring(subStringFirstPart, subStringSecondPart));

Then remove and re-add the gadget, and you are set. I’m sure that this will be fixed in versions after now that it is available in the usage information.

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