Countdown Overview


The Countdown gadget is designed to show you the number of days to an event you have configured and show it in an easy to see way.

The gadget supports multiple backgrounds or skins which make it easy to set up many countdowns for different things.


Installing the gadget is easy. Simply double click on the .gadget file and the gadget will be installed into your local gadget gallery. If this is the first time you are installing the gadget it will also automatically appear in your sidebar

Countdown Gadget Screenshot 5


To configure an event, hover the mouse of the gadget and click on the settings icon gadget as shown below:


The settings screen will be displayed ready to enter your countdown information:


If you wish to select the date from a calendar ‘date picker’, click on the … button and a calendar will be displayed:

Countdown Gadget Screenshot 4

Skins / Backgrounds

The background of each countdown can be customised to be one of eight colours, to choose a colour click on the arrow buttons at the top of the screen.

Error handling

The date must be entered in the format or dd/mm/yyyy to be accepted. If you put the incorrect format or a non existent date (34/12/2008) you will get an error message:

Countdown Gadget Screenshot 6

Automatic Updates

Each time the settings page is opened, the gadget will check to see if a newer version of the gadget has been published. If so an update message will be displayed to the user.

14 responses

4 08 2011

The Event Title field could be a little bit longer, say about 20 characters? Other than that, the gadget is very useful and functions well in Win7, 64…


5 08 2011

how to make multiple reminder in this gadget.

5 08 2011

how to make multiple reminder in this gadget

22 09 2011
Génio da Lampada

how to make multiple reminder in this gadget.

22 11 2011

i love it for my holiday countdown the best so far

1 12 2011

great things

19 01 2012
Debbi Jancaitis

tried to enter TWO upcoming events, one for 02/02/2012 and a different one for 20/02/2012 – each time I try, all the ‘occurences’ (1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8 etc) change to whatever I typed last

19 01 2012

Hi Debbie,

The gadget only supports one event. If you wish to track more than one event, then drag two gadgets onto the desktop and configure them. The x of 8 option is to allow you to choose a different background colour only.

Hope this helps,


31 01 2012

Brilliant little gadget, I have three on the go at the moment.

18 02 2012

How do you just track work days without including weekends and holidays?

18 02 2012

Hi Tom,
Apologies but the gadget doesn’t take those into account. It’s too hard to maintain a list of different holidays etc across every country in the world, and making the user enter them is too hard.

11 05 2012

Don’t know if this is still supported, but looks like there’s a bug between 30 Sept 12 and 1 Oct 12? With today’s date being 11 May 12, it shows 142 days to both 30 Sep 12 and 1 Oct 12, and then continues to be one day out beyond 1 Oct 12…

19 06 2012

From a german: thats absolutly ok. Super.

28 08 2012


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