Who is Loki?

1 02 2007

It seems some clever people have worked out who Loki was:


Somehow they got that from the Vanishingpointgame meta puzzle. My hat is off to you whoever you are. You deserve to have your name on the chips!!

VanishingPointGame : Week Three

21 01 2007

The mystery continues, this week as predicted, the clues were in the form of projections onto buildings. Again another 12 puzzles were released and promptly figured out once the clues made it onto the web. Dissapear

Next week is the final set of puzzles, and I am going to go out on a limb here, but I rekon the final show to give us the clues will involve something dissapearing, maybe the factory / gas works place shown in the photo above?

The answers for Week Three as always are available from Neowin and VanishingPointWiki.

Just remember if you win, throw me something gadgety from the prize 😉

VanishingPointGame : I was right

14 01 2007

Well it looks like I was right about the second set of VanishingPoint clues, all over the world there were a number of events where sky writing took place:

I have to admit, the American ones look much better than the Aussie ones. As usual the Neowin, unFiction and Wiki did a great job and got the answers within minutes.

Completing all the puzzles gives you a new video from Loki.

Now looking at next weeks puzzle, I am going to make a massive guess that we’re going to go back to video clues, projected onto buildings.

On the subject of the meta puzzle, right at the end of the video is a new url, /collectionplate, when you go to www.vanishingpointgame.com/collectionplate you get the following:

Ooh… it’s getting good.

VanishingPointGame : 1 day until next puzzles

13 01 2007

I was checking out the VanishingpointGame website today looking to see when the next set of puzzles is released and to see if there are any clues as to the format they would take.

The first puzzle box has below showed the countdown and a picture of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas:

The second puzzle box shows a picture of the sky:

This got me thinking, of all the five places, they are all pretty hot, so I am wondering will the next set of clues come in the form of sky writing?  We’ll see tomorrow I guess.

VanishingPointGame.com – First set of puzzles solved…

9 01 2007

It appears the community over at Neowin have completed the first set of puzzles for the Vanishingpointgame.com. Well done!!

The live events look to be really important in getting the answers to the puzzles and it was next to impossible to answer some of them without seeing the live event feed from Las Vegas. Kudos to Andrew for working out the mantle clock puzzle.

When you complete the first set of puzzles you get access to a new video:

Loki Week One

VanishingPointGame : It’s started

9 01 2007

Each week, I will post twelve puzzles, along with footage of spectacular real world events around the globe. Every puzzle has a piece hidden in a live event. You’ll have to find puzzle pieces disguised in the real world to complete each challenge. Think you’ve got what it takes to solve my puzzles hidden around the globe? Hurry, things in my world tend to dissapear…

And what can you win you may ask?

  • The Grand Prize is a trip to space, in a RocketPlane XP vehicle, a four seat fighter sized delta find jet. Obvisouly RocketPlane Vista isn’t ready yet 😉
  • More prizes include:
    • 15 loaded AMD based computers with Vista Ultimate, devices and games
    • Devices (75): a Windows Vista Ultimate, and one of the following: an Xbox 360,
         Zune, or iRiver Clix. 
    • Software (150): Windows Vista Ultimate, or Office Ultimate 2007. 
    • Games (250): three Games for Windows game titles


You can now register at www.vanishingpointgame.com

Vanishingpointgame.com : I am a decoder

3 01 2007

Just got home from work to find a surprise in the postbox, it seems I am a decoder for Vanishingpointgame.com, Microsoft’s latest viral marketing campaign. No snazzy puzzle box for me, rather a very high quality envelope containing a note from Loki and a 256meg memory stick containing three files:

1.  from_loki.txt

Well done! Now you have your first cipher key, plus a video my employer didn’t think you needed to see. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Do others deserve to see these files, too? I’ll leave that up to you.


P.S. Go to vanishingpointgame.com to find out what to do next.

2. Cipher Key 6.jpg

3. And a large video.

Here is a photo of the letter / memory key etc:

You can find out more on both Neowin, the VanishingPointWiki and Unfiction.