Sorry, I am using a Myki

20 01 2010

Myki is Melbourne’s new public transport ticketing system. It’s been in the news a fair bit due to the problems it’s been having.  I bought a myki two weeks ago and have been using it in anger ever since. It should be much much simpler to use, and it would be, if it worked all the time.

Of the four times a day I have to touch the myki card on a reader, twice in the morning and twice in the evening. One of those touch’s will fail or take a long long time to scan. Pretty unacceptable, but also damn annoying for those people in the queue behind me whilst they wait for the card to work.

So, I figured it would be good to warn them why you are stooped over at the ticket barrier swearing, so I have designed a t-shirt. It has the same message printed on both side and lets your fellow commuters know why you are holding them up, and why you are muttering swear words to yourself.



All Hail the Brian

4 12 2007

Every day on the way to work I travel down the Princes Highway. A couple of months ago, the guy I car share with Darren pointed out that one of the buildings we pass had an odd picture on it.


Why was it odd? Well it seems that the guy in question, Brian, is a plumber and his workshop / shop has a large photo of him on the outside, not in a plumbing action shot, but rather in a considered ‘look at me’ pose. I carefully checked, the building does not house a Plumber / Modelling Agency.


Anyway, I noticed the other day that the building was up for lease and fear that the daily ritual of putting my right hand on my chin in a considered Brian post would no longer happen, so this morning I snapped the picture for everyone to enjoy.

Was this information helpful?

18 10 2007


Not really. This has to be one of the most unhelpful error messages I have seen. It wreaks of the ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ line made famous by Channel Four’s IT Crowd TV show.

The Simpsons meet Star Wars

3 09 2007

Saw this over the weekend. It rocks.

Seperated at birth?

17 05 2007

William Cornwill and a Hino Truck?


The best ever PC vs Mac advert

31 01 2007

Scary scary scary

7 02 2006

I just saw this on the WordPress blog. Scary but very funny. Watch them both.. 🙂