Windows 7 + Xbox 360 = Nearly perfect

11 01 2009

A while back I wrote a post about how to get XVIDs / DIVX’s to play through Windows Media Centre using a technique called Transcoding and using the Transcoder 360 software.  Since writing that post I had moved over to watching those kind of files though the 360’s dashboard directly as it was incredibly simple.

On Saturday morning I was playing around with the new media centre functionality in Windows 7 and discovered that  the Win7 Media Centre can now play divx / avi’s directly without the need for transcoding!

Now if I want to watch a xvid / divx / avi file, I can watch it directly from within the Media Centre without having to drop out to the 360 dashboard by navigating to the Video Library and clicking on it. For me, this makes the 360 + Windows 7 nearly perfect. Given the current price point of 360’s at the moment, it is a very compelling deal.



One response

11 01 2009

hopefully windows 7 will fix all of vista’s flaws. we can only hope.

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