Freeway Times : Updated Version

1 06 2008

Back in August, I wrote about a new gadget I had written called Freeway Times. It seems in my haste to get it out I didn’t test it too well and blamed it’s flaky-ness on the data source.  Well it’s nearly a year later, and I am nearly a year wise and have tracked down the flaky-ness to my code.

So, without any further ado, I give you, Freeway Times Version 1.2.

default view

So what’s new you may be asking, well:

  • Better network error handling
  • Smaller GUI
  • Ability to refresh by clicking on the time
  • Ability to change the direction by clicking on the direction
  • Improved CSS ( I understand it now I think)
  • General stability improvements
  • Improved Settings configuration

Initially, the gadget it available via my SkyDrive account, whilst my trusted testers let me know of any issues (Grumpywookie, CodeJedi *cough* *cough*). Once they give me the all clear, I will stick it up on for all to love.

The gadget is now up on for download. Enjoy.



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