ReMix Melbourne 2008 : A wrap up

25 05 2008

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend ReMix 2008 in Melbourne. When the first ReMix was held last year, I foolishly decided not to go. This year I decided I wouldn’t make that mistake again. The cost of the conference was a mere $199 AUD, which was worth every penny.

So what did I learn? (in no particular order)

  • Everyone is using twitter. Strange seeing it’s so bloody unreliable recently
  • Designers wear black polo necks and all have iPhones. In fact they all sound like mini Steve Jobs
  • Silverlight 2.0 is going to be huge. Things like the inclusion of .Net in the runtime, controls and local storage make it a very attractive proposition. This was punctuated by an excellent demo by Jonas Folleso


  • Deep Zoom technology is very very sexy. There were a few demo’s of it, the best of which was Jose Fajardo’s re-purposing of the Sydney Morning Herald web site. I hope the Fairfax people who were in the keynote took note, it was way sexier than IE8 web-slices and activities. However my main interest is the use of these technologies in the enterprise, and to be frank I am not sure where it’s going to come in
  • You must prepare and rehearse for a demo again and again *cough* US DPE *cough*
  • Powerpoint is dead, long live Deep Zoom decks
  • Delic8genius / Shanemo and Dave Lemphers gave possibly the best session of the day at short notice. I had thought it was the weakest session from the agenda and was going to skip it, but luckily didn’t! Well done guys.
  • The toolset for Silverlight has advanced considerably, although I am a little disappointed that the complimentary copy of Expression Studio 2.0 doesn’t do Silverlight 2.0, but only 1.0
  • Virtual Earth ASP controls are a coming and will drive the adoption of VE everywhere. Cool stuff
  • hyro are doing some pretty cool stuff with Silverlight including Big Brother and the new ABC online rental web property
  • Silverlight is going to be big. The amount of effort and money MS are investing in the technology means it has to start popping up in their other web based offerings. Now is the time to learn this people
  • There is a heap of stuff being done in Australia!! At the beginning of the keynote a video was shown showing all the solutions and work done in Oz called Momentum, wow!!

All in all I am pretty excited at what I saw. I now have a few ideas bouncing around in my mind that just need me to apply myself to making them a reality so I can get up on the Momentum video next year! If you get a chance to attend ReMix (or Mix itself), go, it’s awesome.



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