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30 03 2008

Well it seems that I haven’t posted for a while once again. Work has been pretty full on, but is going to get easier I hope. I am finally transitioning off a project that has sucked my soul dry for the past three years. I shouldn’t say that, the project has been very rewarding in many ways, but you get to a point where you really really need to change or you will explode (or worse still come to work with a weapon and reenact scenes from Halo).

Of course I still get some free time in the evenings and weekends. We have been working feverishly to get some garden stuff done (mostly there), but still have a fair whack to do. Unfortunately the weather seems to have gone bad, so it might have to wait till later in the year. On the nerd front I have been loving my 360 (no not that way!). Elaine was good enough to lend me Guitar Hero 3 and DanCol lent me a guitar controller. Let’s just say I spent a fair amount of time playing it and have finished it on easy. No more now, the games go back tomorrow. The Media Centre extender is still running nicely, I have even trained Rach how to use it. She is certainly getting the hang of recording stuff and using the guide. 

What about gadgets you may ask? Well of course I have been gadgeting. I was pretty surprised to see that the Countdown gadget has been doing so well, over 12,000 downloads to date. I have had requests to make an international version which is taking a bit of time to get right. I am pretty sure it would be easier to put globalisation stuff in from the get go rather than try to retrofit it.  I am pretty confident I am nearly there, but I just need to test it and am furiously changing my system locale from English, through German, French, Norwegian and Portuguese! (Italian still to come).


As you can see I have also been a good boy and made sure all things are being held in source control. I can certainly recommend the excellent who provide online SVN hosting. Add to the mix TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN for Visual Studio and you are away!!

I also have been spending some time tinkering with gadgets using Silverlight. At the moment I have a killer idea for a gadget that I am trying to pull together with the help of the Grumpywookie. It’s still secret at the moment, but we will make an announcement in a couple of months. We will be in need of some killer artwork, so if you are interested drop me a line.  Oh and finally, I wrote my first enterprise sidebar gadget for work which is being used all over the place in a slightly modified and less secure (iframes yuck!) manner. I have an update to the gadget in the pipes (done all the graphics, just need to wire them up) which I may get to in the next few weeks.

A few people have been bashing the Optus gadget for the lack of Fusion support. Well, Optus themselves are being pretty poor on providing data, so that gadget and many other monitors by different authors are having the same problem. Stay tuned for another post on that in the future.

Finally, I am going on some much needed leave. As of the 1st April I have two weeks off as my folks come over from the UK to visit. I can’t wait.  It’s going to be great watching Jack and Abbie interact with the two people that live in the TV every Sunday night and hang out with my parents.

Until next time… byee!



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