OptusQuota : Update – Build

20 01 2008

I have made a small update to the OptusQuota Vista gadget to support the new Optus Fusion plans that don’t have offpeak.

The change is pretty simplistic and changes the messages and stats provided to the user if they are using one of these plans. I haven’t changed the graphics yet, but will in the next version.

The new version is available from gallery.live.com. Existing users will get an update notice on the flyout window containing a link to the new version.


  • NA in offpeak if you are Fusion user
  • Changes to the flyout data if you are Fusion user
  • Change to the determine background logic as reported by Grumpywookie when you are over quota

I am now starting to work on the next version, which at the moment has the following features slated:

  • Support for Skins
  • Dynamic graphs for usage (peak / offpeak and days)
  • Dynamic appearance for different plans (Fusion)
  • Improved network / connectivity detection
  • Undocked view
  • Slicker look / feel

If you have any feature requests not listed above, drop me a line via gadgets@blurg.net and let me know!



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