Vista SP1 r0x0rs

9 12 2007

I have been running Vista SP1 builds for the past couple of months. Other than the obvious speed increases that I have already touted on the x64 reliability updates on thing I have noticed is the system has become more stable. The last build and the current build of SP1 (RC preview and now RC1) have been phenomenal. Although I didn’t really appreciate how phenomenal until I checked out my Reliability Monitor this morning.



Back up to 9.03!! I had dropped below that the day after I installed Vista on this box. Now I should say my computer is on 24/7 and get’s used pretty heavily by either myself or my wife and I am still installing stuff and uninstalling it, so our usage patterns haven’t changed. Therefore it must be the SP. so well done MS, SP1 is looking good 🙂



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