Underwhelmed by Yahoo Messenger for Vista.

9 12 2007

A while back I was speculating about the impending release of Yahoo’s WPF version of Messenger  (Codename :Diablo).

I was quoted as saying :

Come on, I need some more Vista eye candy ;)

I didn’t realise that’s all it was, eye candy.

This past Thursday a preview was released, initially for 32 bit Vista only after a snafu, but a couple of days later for 64 bit. I installed it yesterday and it looks nice as you can see below:


But that’s it. It does messaging, but not a lot else from what I can see, certainly not all the cool things that Yahoo were spruicking at CES early this year like custom applications and video sharing are nowhere to be seen.

I know the Live Messenger guys have had a lot of criticism over the lack of WPF in their application, but it seems to have way more functionality. Whilst a few months ago I was willing to forego functionality for prettiness, now I want the functionality and it can be as ugly as a bag of spanners for all I care.



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