Ipod Touch – One month on

3 12 2007

Someone asked me the other day how I was going with my iPod touch as I hadn’t blogged about it much. Well I am pleased to say I am still loving it and have worked to unleash it’s full potential thanks to the wonders of Jailbreaking 🙂

Since following one of the excellent tutorials on ipodtouchfans.com, my ipod now runs third party software and most of the iPhone suite (including Mail, Weather, Notes and Google Maps). Of course the ipod can’t use the GPRS / EDGE of the iPhone, but the Wifi is a good alternative.


As you can see from the screenshot above, I have installed a fair bit including:

  • Mail client from the iPhone – using GMAIL IMAP to pick up my email
  • Weather client from the iPhone
  • Notes from the iPhone
  • Maps from the iPhone (scrolled off the screen)
  • Screenshot utility
  • Network stumbler
  • Suduko
  • Springboard – Theme / Skinner
  • Calendar fix allowing calendar items to be added via the iPod

Stay tuned for more ipod updates.



One response

8 12 2007

All very well but can you turn it into a Star Trek Communicator (à la ‘Newty’)


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