It’s arrived

31 10 2007

For a while now I have lusted after an iPhone but you can’t get them legally in Australia yet. So a couple of months ago when Apple announced the iPod Touch I thought oh yes, one of those I shall have. My SP5 is doing the goods as my phone and when I need a new one my employer can shout me one.

So for the past few weeks I have been hitting the Apple Online Store tracking page looking to see where my shiny new 16gig iPod Touch was. Well yesterday I stopped looking as the nice man from TNT finally delivered it.

As usual with any Apple product, the packaging was fantastic and lends itself to the whole experience. After a short download of iTunes and connecting the cable the iPod was alive and fully touchable.

I am going to split my thoughts on the touch into two groups, good and bad:


  • The whole OS / interface is amazing
  • Cover flow absolutely rocks
  • The addition of Wifi makes this so much more than an iPod
  • Safari is fantastic, I twittered and gmail’d from it yesterday and it looked just like it would on IE. OWA is pretty nifty in it too
  • The in built apps are superb (I love the YouTube app)
  • Oh yeah, the sound is as good as my previous iPod Photo


  • It doesn’t work with Vista 64bit. WHY, come on Apple this is a big problem?
  • Apple should really provide some sort of case in the package
  • Can’t add apps without hacking it (but this is scheduled to change in Feb when the SDK is released)
  • No email, Google maps or ability to sync contacts / calendar items as the iPhone can
  • The iTunes Wifi store only lets you find / buy music, not podcasts / audiobooks etc.

All in all it’s fantastic and with the sexy new case that arrived yesterday, it looks the business!!



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