My PC wouldn’t sleep, but now it does :)

14 08 2007

The Behemoth has been running like a dream for the last week, however there was one small niggling issue, the sleep mode just wouldn’t work. Every time I put the PC to sleep in Vista it would thrash the hard drive, blank the screens and look like it’s going to sleep only to instantly turn back on. Bloody annoying.

After some digging around on Whirlpool (have I ever mentioned how good there forums are and knowledgeable the users?) I found that I wasn’t the only one. I had been fiddling with the jumpers on the motherboard, after all I built it and some teething problems or just plain stuff ups were to be expected, but they all looked good. On closer inspection of the event viewer and after reading Whirlpool it seems the problem was configuration..

When the system resumes from sleep an event is written to the event log:


The event includes details of what caused it to wake up. Now I didn’t have many USB items installed, so it was pretty easy to work out my wireless mouse / keyboard were the culprits.

Now how to stop them causing the system to wake up? It seems that under Vista there is an option tucked away on the keyboard and mouse control panel properties. To get there do the following:

1. Control Panel


2. Choose Keyboard from the control panel, click on the hardware tab, then properties


3.  Click on Change Settings, answer the UAC prompt


4. Choose the Power Management tab, uncheck the “Allow the device to wake the computer” option.


After doing this for both the keyboard and mouse, the computer will now sleep until I press the power button to resume. 🙂



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