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9 08 2007

So why all the talk about 32bit and 64bit patches in the previous post? Well my trusty old Dell was starting to show it’s age, originally bought back in February 2005 it was the best I could afford and included all those new whiz bang technologies such as a hyper-threading P4 CPU and PCI-E graphics. The main purpose of the computer was to provide a suitable test bed for beta testing Windows Vista, which it did superbly.

Fast forward to August 2007, the Dell is starting to show it’s age, chugging along running Vista and as slow as a dog running Visual Studio, so I’ve upgraded to a  hulking great 64bit Intel Core 2 Due E6750 and 2 Gig of RAM in what has to be the sexiest case ever, a CoolerMaster Stacker 810. No kidding the case is enormous with six front panel USB slots and eleven bays for plugging things into. As for cooling, there are at least four in the case as well as wheels that provide heaps of clearance at the bottom. To be honest, my feet get cold if I am sitting too close to it!!

 Coolermaster Stacker

I also decided to buy a new DVD burner, an ASUS Lightscribe jobby that with the correct disks will allow you to burn labels directly onto the disk. I have been playing around with it and haven’t been too impressed, hopefully I will work out what I am doing wrong and they will get better.

Being a glutton for punishment I decided to build the whole setup myself, forgetting the pain of trying to get the heatsink on, and having to plough through the motherboard manual to work out the correct jumper settings (way easier than when I last built a PC, a 486 DX2). The hardest part was working out how to put the hard drive and burner into the zero tool / screw case. But after a bit of swearing I figured it out. Everything is working nicely, except I still need to nut out the different sleep (Sx levels) for Vista and make sure the settings are correct on the motherboard and wait for an adaptor for the Firewire front panel to arrive from the states.

Of course, with a 64 bit processor, why not run Vista 64bit? After installing it in what seemed record time and having no driver problems whatsoever I was happy. There was a bit of phoning around at Microsoft to get my existing tech beta licence transferred so it would activate, but that was sorted out pretty quickly. I have to be honest, the performance has been amazing, not sure how much of that is 64bit vs 32bit or new processor vs old processor. Yesterday I also installed the new Performance and Reliability updates, but as you can see from the list in the previous post, there isn’t a lot in there that effects me other than the time remaining copy thing which loads of people will be loving.

As for the Dell, well it’s been relegated to a Virtual Server running Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 (more on that in a future post) and Virtual Server R2 SP1. I need a good test bed for some sidebar gadgets I am currently working on for more of an enterprise audience.



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11 08 2007

Nice new machine ! Does that mean the old road-shagger is now a road-digger ?? 🙂

64-bit Vista sounds tempted – but will wait a while. Was the “build it yourself” worth saving $50 ??

31 12 2007
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