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8 08 2007

The last few months have been really full on at work trying to get a project out of the door that I have been involved in since starting at SDM two and half years ago. Over the weekend of the 28th & 29th July the project went live and so far seems to be working a treat.

The pressures of those last few months have been enormous both on the team but our families as well, as such I decided that it was time for a holiday and turned my mobile off on Wednesday evening last week and left my laptop at work for a long overdue rebuild.

I have to say that the last few days have been fabulous. I have realised I have a family once again and have been loving spending time with my wife, daughter & son doing what would seem to be the most mundane tasks life supermarket shopping, but loving every minute of it. This is the first real chunk of time I have had with Jack since he was born (I worked half time to make sure the project went in).

So why am I telling you all this? Well mainly as I owe my family an apology for neglecting them the past few months, and to let it be known in the words of Bob Dylan that ‘time they are a changing….’




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8 08 2007

Family is all we have and you sound like a good dad and a wonderful husband and I am sure your family love you very much! I remeber for many years feeling like a happily married single mom with the hours my husband put in at work. But it was all for a good cause and we appreciated his hard work and sacrifice – I am sure your wife appreciates you too.

8 08 2007

Taking a second look at your blog – I realize your are in technology:) as is my husband. All the way through my 4 kids high school years he was with Microsoft, so you can imagine the hours he put in to his job?Even so he loved every minute of his work, but he also struggled with feelings of guilt about the family and finding enough time to spend with our children. The kids have all turned out well and we are still married, so keep up the good work…

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