Long time between drinks

28 04 2007

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. I havn’t really appreciated just how hard it is to have two kids under 14 months, this coupled with a major project I am working on getting towards the business end (5 weeks of development left then testing). Unfortunatley this has lead to the blog suffereing. I will try and be more regular. I need some form of blogging ex-lax 🙂 

Home Server 

Last weekend I managed to wangle 30 minutes ‘nerd time’ to install the new CTP of Windows Home Server on a VM. I have to admit I am very impressed with it, to the extent of watching a number of items on ebay to roll my own hardware for one. What would be great now is if MS makes it available to Technet so I can get my hands on a copy. You would hope so, there is now a add in option allowing you to add functionality to it which may push it into the Technet realm.

The general install is way slicker than before, although it does seem to think it’s Windows Server for Small Business. The console app is more responsive and the ability to remote desktop is available.


My ISP are trying to up the price of my home phone which means my internet deal isn’t so good any more, so it’s time to look around. Anyone in Australia suggest a good ISP with heaps of quota for arounf the $70 a month mark?


As we speak I am setting up a development environment for SharePoint. It’s about time I got my head around the new version a bit better, plus I have an excellent idea for an addon that if I can get working should bring in some pocket money that I can spend on new gadgets.  Let’s just hope my development skills don’t still suck!!


Finally, the grumpywookie and all round workflow guru at SDM, Chris O’Connor has set up a K2 based blog that is starting to get noticed all over the world. If your into workflow, or want to know more about K2.net head over to devk2.net.



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