Jack – One Week at home..

9 04 2007

Today marks the one week anniversary of Jack coming home from hospital. It’s been a pretty full on week. I hadn’t appreciated how much work would be involved with two kids so close together, nor had I appreciated how much I had started to enjoy sleep again. It’s only been 8 months since Abbie started to sleep through, so I didn’t think it would hurt so much!! It does!!

Whilst Jack has been great, it’s not all been plane sailing. It seems that Jack has a nasty reaction to his formula that caused him to get diarrhea. So bad in fact that it gave him nappy rash that caused him bum to bleed!! Poor little fella. That’s under control now thanks in part to changing him to Lactose Free formula and some cortizone cream prescribed by our doctor.

Anyway, I will keep this short, I have two kids to enjoy!!



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