The Curse of the Wookie

13 03 2007

Chris was recounting the hardware curse that seems to plaguing him, well it seems during his visit to my house for Abbie’s first birthday party yesterday, it seems he passed it on.

How you may ask? Well my beloved LanDrive has started to randomly delete things. Noticing this, I quickly backed it up to another external drive before it totally goes. I tried the LanDrive’s internal chkdsk via the web console, but it says everything is alright when it clearly isn’t. After surfing the web for some undelete software (just in case I had been silly), I stumbled across a product called Recuva. Recuva checked through the drive and found everything I had lost, but told me it had been overwritten.

Finally I thought I would give Vista’s checkdisk a whirl. It chugged through the 230gigs in a couple of hours and found heap wrong with the drive, but unfortunately not the stuff I had lost.  The drive hasn’t been reformatted since I bought it, so I am wondering if the issues I am seeing are a cumulation of all the bios upgrades and Vista testing.

This weekend hopefully I will get a chance to reformat and copy stuff back on. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, Chris is not allowed anywhere near any of my other gadgets.



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30 07 2007
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