OptusQuota updated – Please update now.

25 01 2007

Following Optus’s decision to change the URL of the usage meter (without consulting me 😉 ), the Optus Quota gadget has been ‘playing up’ and causing Windows Vista’s Sidebar to freak out. Sorry it’s taken a day to get this update out, but the fact Optus’s usage meter has been broken for ADSL for the last two days hasn’t helped. I didn’t want to blindly release it without testing it worked first.
Anyway, the gadget has been modified to reflect the new OptusZoo usage meter link, uploaded to Windows Live Gallery last night, and approved for download this morning. Go get it. As always, more details can be seen on the gadget page.

On the topic of gadgets, and in particular the OptusQuota one, I have decided to publish a number of posts describing how it works in detail so you can write your own ‘screen scraper’ gadget. Check back over the weekend for the first part.



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