VanishingPointGame : It’s started

9 01 2007

Each week, I will post twelve puzzles, along with footage of spectacular real world events around the globe. Every puzzle has a piece hidden in a live event. You’ll have to find puzzle pieces disguised in the real world to complete each challenge. Think you’ve got what it takes to solve my puzzles hidden around the globe? Hurry, things in my world tend to dissapear…

And what can you win you may ask?

  • The Grand Prize is a trip to space, in a RocketPlane XP vehicle, a four seat fighter sized delta find jet. Obvisouly RocketPlane Vista isn’t ready yet 😉
  • More prizes include:
    • 15 loaded AMD based computers with Vista Ultimate, devices and games
    • Devices (75): a Windows Vista Ultimate, and one of the following: an Xbox 360,
         Zune, or iRiver Clix. 
    • Software (150): Windows Vista Ultimate, or Office Ultimate 2007. 
    • Games (250): three Games for Windows game titles


You can now register at



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