Windows Vista Ultimate Extras

8 01 2007

Microsoft finally revlealed some of what is coming in the first wave of Vista Ultimate Extras today during Bill Gates’s CES keynote, confirmed so far are:

  • Windows DreamScene – have high quality video as your desktop background;
  • BitLocker and EFS enhancements – Tool for assisting in drive preparation for BitLocker and the ability to store Bitlocker and EFS certificates to Digital Locker, Microsoft’s secure online marketplace;
  • Hold ’em Poker – well I guess the name says it all;
  • Exclusive digital publications – including collections of tricks and tips;
  • Groupshot – An extra-ised version of the Microsoft Research tool that allows you to choose the best bits from a group of photo’s and merge them together to get the perfect shot.

More information is available from Long Zheng and (stay tuned to this one as I am sure more stuff will be coming out soon).

Update: Just pure speculation after thinking about these a bit more, but I would suggest the BitLocker / EFS ability to upload certificates is going to stir up some trouble. Imagine you can securely encrypt your hard drive, then give Microsoft a copy of the keys. Personally I doubt they would use them for nafarious purposes, but the tin foil brigade may have different ideas.

Also, I wonder if there is going to be a Boot Screen Ultimate Extra allowing the user to build a custom boot screen to replace the minimalistic progress bar?



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