What happens whilst I am at work

18 12 2006

It seems that Abbie has fallen for the ease of using Windows Vista and has started to use the computer in my absense. She is only 9 months old so that’s pretty good going 😉

On a totally different note, I had a brilliant weekend of nerding. I have had an idea for a couple of Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, one of which is pretty cool. Now these are all based on Javascript and HTML which I havn’t used for ages and ages (remember I am a Project Manager, so I don’t code anymore, well not officially), so I had to get up to speed again. One of the gadgets requires me to suck info in from another website, which I was always thinking was going to be the hardest bit, but after a bit of googling found the magic of XMLHttp and sucked down what I wanted really easily. After an hour or so I worked out how to the get the contents into variables and had to stop.

Next up I need to finish off the logic,  get the graphics sorted out and a nice way to represent the data… stay tuned… 🙂



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