Momento Digital Photo Frame

1 12 2006

Now this is cool. I just noticed this in my RSS feeds and felt compelled to pass it on. James Senior is reporting about the new Momento Digital Photo frame that utilises Windows Vista SideShow technology. What a great idea.

Not only does the unit include all of these features:

  • Wireless 802.11 b/g
  • SD/MMC/xD/SmartMedia/Memory Stick®, USB support
  • WMA, MP3, Audio Out
  • Built in storage for favorite pictures
  • Built in clock & calendar display mode
  • Landscape or portrait
  • Customizable slideshow
  • Customizable mattes and frames
  • RF Remote included
  • Support for Windows® SideShow

But it also support something called Momento live. From what I can ascertain, Momento Live lets you upload photo’s to a sharing site, a la Picassa Web Folders or Flickr, but you can set up your Momento to subscribe to the feed. So for instance, I could buy my parents one of these frames and set it up to view my feed, and everytimg we take a new photo of their granddaughter and upload it, it automagically appears on the photo frame!! Brilliant!!

James also talks about the other possibilities that the Sideshow support can give us, including the ability to overlay email notifications, or calendar events. Excellent. God I am loving the stuff Vista is going to bring us.

Of course, all this coolness is going to cost, according to the 10inch version is going to set you back $299 USD. Eek.



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