In Canberra

1 12 2006

I am in Canberra at the moment for work, I have been coming up for two day stints for the last couple of months. Why am I telling you this? Well last night I think I have had the most fun I have ever had in Canberra, which isn’t good when you are trying to work.

You see, the hotel where I am staying had a debutante ball last night, and everyone was rocking up in flash cars to the front of the hotel where my room overlooked. But it seems this ball attracted a nice hoon element, as most people rocked up in hotted up cars that couldn’t resist doing burn outs or circle work in the car park, which attracted my attention away from my functional specifications. Now usually I am not into this, but what made it exciting was from my vantage point 12 floors up, I could see the police watching them ready to pounce (just out of shot of this photo). And pounce they did 🙂 Whilst one car was being pulled over, another decided to burn out thinking he was immune. Fool. He didn’t really think there was only one copper in Canberra did he?



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