Windows Vista RTM’s

29 11 2006

A bit late in posting this, say nearly a month, but Windows Vista has RTM’d. Yay. Microsoft in their generousity also decided to give each beta tester that filed at least one bug a free copy. Yay yay..

Thanks to Microsoft, I am now running Windows Vista Ultimate at home and loving every minute of it. The experience seems to be much faster than previously, even better than RC2 which I had been using for a while. Everything (well nearly everything) is working a treat, including printing. The only downside is that the LanDrive is still not working, but I can get around that by using the USB connection for now. Hopefully the Longhorn beta will fix the issue and it will make it into Vista SP1.

The whole experience has been so good, that I have deleted my original Windows XP installation and gone solely with Vista. The upshot of course is that I now have nearly 200 gigs of space back on my hard drives to start amassing ‘stuff’ on.

I am looking forward to getting my head around WPF and Sidebar gadgets with some great ideas for both (now I just need some spare time to do it). The potential for WPF is just enormous.

Stay tuned for more vista goodness.

Whilst talking about nerdy things, I have been looking at buying a Technet Plus subscription, giving you access to download a vast majority of MS software for the yearly fee of $512 AUD. The software is evaluation only and doesn’t include developer tools, but with the new wave of Vista / Longhorn Server / Office 2007 and MOSS techs coming through, $512 seems a small price to pay to get access to all this cool stuff. 



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