Sitting in Adelaide Airport

30 10 2006

Today I visited Adelaide for work, unfortunately I only really needed to be there for an hour, but ended up staying the whole day. That’s the good thing about having an office there, I can get a whole day’s work done without major effects (other than getting up at 4:30am!!).

At the moment I am sitting in Adelaide Airport making use of their excellent free wireless courtesy of Internode (good on yer Internode). Why can’t Melbourne or Sydney have free  wireless?

Tomorrow we are off for another ultrasound which will be great. Both Rach and I keep forgotting she is pregnant as Abbie seems to keep us on our toes. This weekend is case in point, on Sunday morning Abbie had her first swimming lesson. I have to admit I thought it was going to be dreadful with her crying all around the pool, but she absolutely loved it. Whilst I don’t think she truly understood what was going on, she was splashing, grabbing, floating and most importantly smiling like a Cheshire cat for most of the lesson!! There are photo’s but I am in them wearing swimmers and I don’t want to publish them and get closed down.



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