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24 10 2006

New Gadget : U3 Data Traveller

Another day, another gadget, this time a U3 data traveller. What’s so special about this you ask? Well it’s a 1GB memory stick that has special software allowing you to install programs to it. Nothing revolutionary here you may be saying. What is cool is that when you plug the device in, it boots automatically and gives you access to those programs without installing anything on the host PC. Some of the apps available include Email, Web Browsing, Photo manipulation etc. Pretty cool stuff. I have been playing with this and a similar product called MojoPac which is hardware independent. I will post a review of the two soon.

Oh and one more thing, the drive is compatible with Windows Vista ReadyBoost 🙂

RC2 Printing

This past friday night on a whim I decided to trawl the LexMark site for drivers for my P707 printer. I found the usual drivers plus a system driver for Windows Server 2003. On a hunch using the add new printer and have disk functionality I managed to install the printer and get it to print. This is the first time since installing Vista that I have been able to print.

XBMC 2.0

XBMC 2.0 has been released. After much playing around trying to find the XBOXMediaCenter.xml file (where you configure the shares etc) which had mysteriously moved to a folder and changed it’s name to sources.xml, we were up and running on Sunday morning. Looks pretty good so far, no crashes or grief with the LanDrive (but I have downgraded to Bios 41 as it’s the most compatible).

LanDrive Vista Fix coming?

As regular readers will know I have had absolutely bugger all success getting my LanDrive to work with Vista over the network. Well the latest bug I filed on the issue was resolved last week with a comment that a fix has been checked into the RTM build which should sort my problem out. Fingers crossed. As Vista is in RTM escrow, there is no chance of testing this out until the RTM version is released.

Robbie Williams RudeBox

Robbie Williams has a new album out. On the first listen it’s not a great album, but I listened to it a good few times yesterday and it’s really grown on me. I absolutely love the cover of Kiss Me by his new producer and it’s original singer Steven ‘Tintin’ Duffy. There is a cover of Louise in there by the Human League as well which is pretty good. On reflection this album will feature heavily on the iPod in the next few weeks.

Baby Expo

Rach and I attended a Baby Expo this past weekend at Jeff’s Shed in Melbourne. Lots of screaming kids, but most importantly lots of prams to check out prior to the impending arrival of Burton 2.0.  We think we’ve settled on one of two models, now it just comes down to price (both are around $1k!!)

Thank you Please

I have been reliably informed that Bo Selecta has commenced it’s fourth series in the UK and is funnier than ever. Avid and Sacha has set up a hotel in Hollywood where they can attract all manner of ‘celabraties’.



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