Sp5 Rebooted…

20 10 2006

My imate has been getting slower and slower, so I bit the bullet this week and hard reset it. After getting the .Net Compact Framework Sp1 back on, then installing all my applications the phone is back to it’s best.

Now why am I sharing this with you? Well, one app I installed was WiFiFoFum. I have used this software before on my pocket pc, basically it detects wireless networks and logs them. If you have a GPS reciever attached it will also log the co-ords you found them.

Now, as a bit of an experiment, I decided to leave WiFiFoFum on during the course of my drive home from South Melbourne to Berwick, logging all the wireless networks it found. The results are pretty suprising:

  • In total there were 461 wireless access points detected
  • 164 of those access points were unsecured
  • 110 of the unsecured access points were non commercial (not Telsta, Azure, Optus etc)
  • And here is the scary statistic, 67 of those 110 had default SSID’s (LinkSys, DLINK, Belkin 54g, NetGear) and it can be assumed would be subject to the default configuration username / password.

These wonderful statistics are brought to you by the power of Excel 12’s XML import and data sort functionality 🙂



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