20 10 2006

Been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, lots and lots has been happening at work and at home.

This week I said goodbye to my broadband provider of 4 years, iinet. Iinet have been a good isp and for a long while were a trail blazer. In recent times I have had a 1500 / 256 account including 40 gigs of downloads. I never really touched the side of the download limits (well with one notable exception), but I really really fell in love with the speed. To be able to download a Windows Vista build, all 2.5 gigs of it in a couple of hours was fantastic. Unfortunately iinet wrote to me, and a few thousand other subscribers and informed us that they would be dropping the speed to 512 / 256 unless we paid $20 per month extra. I have to admit I felt a bit betrayed, we did everything iinet asked, including bundling our phone with them (at a greater cost than Telstra) and this is how they repay us?

Well, to cut a long story short, I have churned and now am using OptusNet. I have been pretty impressed by the ease of churning, once it had been completed, all I had to do was disconnect and reconnect the modem, change the username and password and I was up and away on Optus. So far so good. The speed is the same as I am used to (1500 / 256), but the download limits are even more generous. 20 gigs between 12:00pm and 12:00am and 40 gigs between 12:00am and 12:00pm. Let’s just say that download scheduling software is going to be big on my list of software to get for Vista.

Speaking of Vista, it’s behaving itself quite nicely. Hopefully the RTM will build on this when it’s released in the next month or so.



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