Another catchup post…

10 10 2006

Been a while since I posted, the last few weeks have been full on at work, but also at home.

This past weekend we had Abbie’s christening which was fantastic. Out of the four kids getting christened, Abbie was the best behaved, smiling and just generally looking cute. Now I took a heap of photo’s but unfortunately my memory card become corrupted, so at the moment I am trying in vain to salvage the photo’s from the camera. 😦

On Saturday night, we all went out to the Melba Brasserie at the Langham for dinner. There were many highlights including:

  • Fresh Peking Duck rolls made to order
  • Fantastic curries
  • Fresh filled Naan’s made to order
  • Heaps of Roast and the fluffiest potato’s you have ever had
  • Deserts… ooh the deserts.
  • A chocolate fountain

The latter was a great hit with Daniel. As were the Naan breads to our suprise. For those of you that are seafood fans, there was heaps of that available. Myself, I am not a big seafood person, but everyone else was tucking into the prawns, muscles, oysters, sea snails and smoked salmon.

On a more nerdy front, Windows Vista hit RC2. I installed it on Sunday evening and have to admit I am impressed. It’s a heap more stable (coupled with me taking out two memory sticks that seem to have caused all my BSODs) and seems to be pretty fast.

Some of the issues that I have been experiencing have gone, specifically:

  • Resuming from sleep seems to work now, much to my suprise;
  • LanDrive support is getting better, but still not quite there. I can view the shares and the folders, still causes explorer to stop responding when viewing the folder contents (however it works if I use CMD)
  • BSOD’s have stopped.

RC2 is going to be the last drop of the consumer OS to beta testers prior to the code going gold so it should be good. This beta has been a bit strange, early on there were loads of issues, but now in the home stretch it’s coming together quite nicely.



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