Vista RC1 Released

3 09 2006

Early on Saturday morning, Vista RC1 was released to the Tech beta testers. By mid morning it was sitting on my hard drive waiting to be installed.

The installation was slightly more painful than usual, after managing to get a BSOD on the install (my old friend the 0x00000024), I successfully installed build 5600 about 38 minutes later.

The build is slightly faster than previous builds, but doesn’t show much change from 5536 that I installed last week. From my perspective, the major pain points of this build are still:

  • Random Memory Management BSOD’s
  • Avast Antivirus is still blocked (According to the Avast forums, MS promised to unblock it after 5536 when it was blocked by mistake)
  • Landrive still doesn’t work very well, but this was expected as I was told it was fixed on the non RC1 branch

The BSOD are particularly annoying. In a bid to get some useful information to Microsoft, I turned on full memory dumps when the system BSOD’s. Of course when you have 2 gig of Ram these dumps can be quite big. What I hadn’t thought of though was that you have to upload the dumps. After zipping I got them down to about 800 meg and 600 meg each, which I then spent most of the night uploading to MS. It seems my ADSL is or should I say *WAS* 1500 / 256.

Now I have blown my quota and am running at 65 / 65 and it hurts. Twenty gigs in under a month. Not happy.



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