Krispy Kremes

29 08 2006

I finally visited the Krispy Kreme outlet at Fountain Gate this morning on the way to work. The reason you ask? Well more on that in another post.

I was expecting it to be packed but to my surprise it was empty. So in we strolled to purchase 24 doughnuts, only to find Victoria Police were there picking up in the region of 300 doughnuts. I have to admit I smiled at the irony of a policeman buying so many doughnuts.

So whilst we waited for the Police order to be filled, we watched the doughnut conveyor belt proofing, then frying, then covering in volcanic icing before cooling off. I have to admit it’s quite interesting, but I could imagine it becomes quite boring if you are stuck there in a queue for 2 hours watching it.

Anyway about ten minutes after walking in,  $24 out of pocket and two free samples later we were off. It’s now nearly two hours since I had my free sample and my hands are still greasy but my arteries are nice and warm.



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