New Vista build and network trauma

28 08 2006

Microsoft released a new build of Vista on Friday to the technical testers, build 5536. From what I had heard it is supposed to be a great build, super stable, quick, everything you would expect from a Release Candidate.

Well well well.

Friday night I installed it, it took about 30 minutes all up for the install which was impressive. At first it did seem a lot quicker and more polished. Of course my LanDrive still doesn’t work properly but I had already been warned that it won’t be fixed until after RC1 (it seems MS branched for RC1 a long time ago). Other than that all my peripherals worked a treat, including the firewire connected Cooler Master.

The trouble started when I tried to put Virtual Server 2005 back on. It simply didn’t want to install, even with the UAC unfriendly ‘Run as Administrator’ command. In the end I had to activate the Administrator account and then install it from that. Once it was on, it was time to put my VPC images back on, including my ever faithful Bittorrent friendly XP SP2 VPC. Once that was all up and running, I settled in for a night of ‘Mirroring the Internet’ and went to bed at about 11:45pm (very very late for me).

Overnight Vista shit itself. But instead of just crashing, it took my VPC with it. During Saturday it died three more times, doing things you would think were normal like:

  1. Copying files
  2. Reading Mail
  3. Exploring the Net

What really annoyed me though is that it managed to wipe out my VPC image, so I had to revert to a backup. All my mirroring was out of the window 😦

Of course when it rains, it pours. On Saturday my internet connection decided that it had had enough of being reliable and decided to drop every ten minutes. Great if what you want to do can be cut up into handy ten minute chunks. Not so great if you want to download something in the hundred of megabyte range.

After a phone call to a helpful support technician at iinet, one problem was found and some suggestions made. After another 5 or 6 hours tinkering iinet got another phone call for it to be suggested that it was my problem because I was using a beta operating system. Aarggh.

To cut a long story short, Telstra are now investigating to see if there is a line fault, if not, there will be a new modem required by me. Telstra can take up to 5 working days to investigate, so no leeching for me in that time 😦



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