New Gadget : Coolermaster X Craft

15 08 2006

This past weekend I went off to my favourite swap meet at Springvale (well not necessarily my favourite but certainly the closest). Whilst ploughing past the people buying ipod rip offs and pirate software, I found what I was after, a nice new hard drive enclosure and a 320gig 16M IDE hard drive. 

Over the last couple of Vista builds it’s been getting harder and harder to back everything up  as I have managed to fill up most of my hard drives with rubbish, so this little beauty will come in really really handy.

The drive itself has USB 2.0 and 1394 connections, what is neat though is that it also can act as a USB 2.0 hub, so I have gained another 2 usb ports which is great as I have managed to fill up all the ones I have already. It’s gotten to the point that I need to unplug cables to sync my ipod / video camera etc.  The build quality of the unit is fantastic, but then again it should be for $60. I’ll have a bit more of a play with it over the next few days, hopefully we’re due for a new Vista drop so I will get to give it a full workout.



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