LanDrive and Vista Update

14 07 2006

It seems that my problem with the LanDrive and Vista has officially been fixed. This is good.

The fix won’t make it into a build until post RC1. This is bad.

As a work around, I have gotten Virtual Server up and running, loaded with Windows XP. To get a file onto or off the Landrive, I now use a combination of network shares and remote desktop through XP 🙂 XP can see the Landrive ok, Vista can see XP ok.. easy eh?

I also found a link over on Whirlpool to a web page devoted to LanDrive bios’s from a number of manufacturers. It seems the LanDrive chipset is used in a load of devices, including the Mac Pleadis units. You can check it out here. I have leeched the latest bios and will give it a tonight. One thing concerned me though, they have added a warning message if you format your drive as a slave. I think mine is setup as a slave. Could this be why it doesn’t work via USB? I will try changing it over tonight and see what happens 🙂

UPDATE: Well the BIOS didn’t do anything, Vista still dislikes it. Not checked out XBMC yet. But on the plus, changing the drive to be master made it work in USB mode!! YAY!!



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