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11 07 2006

This morning the “blogosphere” (god I hate that word) is a buzz with news on ‘Project Platypus’, Googles long fabled GDrive. It seems that someone discovered a webpage on one of Googles recently acquired companies, Writely, that had details of what GDrive will provide. It includes:

  • Sync capabilities
  • Secure without needing VPN
  • Ability for others to mount your Gdrive and collaborate on documents with you

More details over at

In other news, I noticed today that Microsoft are gunning for GCal and 39Crates or whatever they are called. The new Outlook 2007 client includes some pretty nifty functionality to allow you to publish your calendar online and share it with others over the web. The killer features which I am pretty sure that GCal doesn’t allow, is that you can publish from within Outlook 2007, and not just consume the online calendar. Outlook used to be able to do this if you had a webdav enabled storage space to publish to if I remember correctly, but not everyone did. Of course, the online component doesn’t allow you to enter Calendar entries via the web, but given the increasing convergence of Microsoft technologies, and the nifty SmartPhone I have, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Looks nice eh?

Finally, another bit of Google rambling. Gmail is awsome. This week I have been making use of the POP sync functionality which is basically sex on legs. I am on the technical beta test for Vista which usually means blowing my machine away every couple of weeks when a new build of Vista comes out. Of course to be able to test it properly, I like to make it my main environment, as such all my email etc comes down into it. In the past I have forgotten to take a backup of my mail before blowing it away, losing lots of important information. With the Gmail POP sync, it’s all in Gmail still, it just downloads a copy to my Outlook client as well. Awsome!

Well that concludes my techy post of the day.. Once again I find myself in tender hell at work, so need to get my head back to writing marketing fluff all day 😦



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12 07 2006
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