5 07 2006

You’ve got to love this…


I am continuing to try and run Vista as our main operating system at home. Up until now it’s been a little unstable throwing the odd blue screen here and there for no reason. However, last night this popped up following the latest blue screen which cheered me up.

Last night I installed iTunes and started the long and arduous process of getting my music collection working through Vista. There seems to be a strange bug in the iTunes software that causes the edge of the application to be cut off, but it’s usable. I also started to play around with the search functionality last night, configuring the system to index everything. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Windows Desktop Search that I have on XP at work and home which I have come to love.

My main pains at the moment with Vista are two fold:

  • There is a weird bug causing the LanDrive not to render it’s contents back to the file explorer. It seems there is a bug in the Samba implementation of the LanDrive that causes problems bringing back the contents of a directory. Through conversations with Microsoft, you can switch on a registry setting (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MrxSmb\Parameters\(REG_DWORD)Disa
    bleIdLevelQueryAgainstUnix = 1) to talk with the LanDrive in a different way at least being able to get some of the contents back, but the explorer still hangs. Of course, using the cmd prompt for all networking works a treat as a workaround
  • The new TCP/IP stack has changed, but doesn’t support any of the IP blocking software such as PeerGuardian, so no Bittorrent, or TV shows for me. Bit of luck as most of the stuff I watch has finished 🙂

Other than that, the experience is pretty good. I will keep you all informed, especially if the LanDrive issue get’s resolved.



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