Been ages…

2 06 2006

So, it's been ages since I posted. Lots has been happening that kind of stopped me from having time to post an entry.

Abbie continues to be fantastic. Every day when I come home from work she has grown a little bit more, doing something she didn't used to. Of course given the chance of playing with her or writing a blog post, she wins. 

Work has been really full on. The 'harvest' period has kicked in with lots of us getting pulled in about six different directions. I have been going up to Sydney a fair bit and so far have resisted the temptation to buy Krispy Kreme donuts like every other Melbournite at the airport (they open about 5 minutes from my house on the 22nd June) 🙂

On the nerd front, I have a new gadget, an imate SP5 smartphone thanks to Microsoft and the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference. I finally got to go, after initially trying to get to the one in Sydney in 2003, but having to cancel due to work commitments. This year was great, I learnt a lot of stuff and caught up with some collegues from a while ago. Best of all, I got a free smartphone which rocks.. 



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