Anzac Day.

25 04 2006

Today is Anzac Day, a day when Australians remember fallen soldiers. It's a public holiday, nowhere is open until 1:00pm and many many people make a pilgrimage to the dawn service in the capital city, or to a local march. In England they do a similar thing, on Rememberance Sunday, but i'll wager not as many people go to the services or marches. 

Unfortunately instead of the dawn service, I slept. 

Last week was a shite week at work, with some really good people leaving. I had to travel, and missed a night with Abbie. It's going to be the same this week, with me being away Thursday and Friday and missing her. 

Lots of nerdy things to report on:

  • Installed Vista 5365 and am loving it. There was some grief that has been widely reported with the search indexer, but it's really really easy to stop. The build is rock solid, with only two complaints from me, the same two I always whinge about. The LanDrive can't be seen from Explorer, and my Logitech Quickcam IM has no drivers 😦 Other than those two things, it's great
  • I got a VOIP ATA adaptor on ebay which I am itching to try out. Just waiting to see if the cheap phone I am bidding on will come in now
  • Still loving Google Calendar, which works with Vista's Windows Calendar and Outlook 12. Outlook12 btw is going to rock. The RSS reader is the bees knees, and the search that we all love from Windows Desktop Search is integrated and way more responsive
  • Been playing around with the IGX graphics of Office 12 for a RFQ response I had to do. It's going to lift the standard on graphics you see in documents when it ships
  • Oh and finally, for those of us who prefer to watch TV shows via BT and XBMC, this site is pretty good  giving an RSS feed of everything released

Finally, Abbie. She is fantastic. This week she has started to smile heaps more, before I think it was just wind related. Words cannot express how wonderful she is. 



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