Google Calendar Rocks!

17 04 2006

Over easter I found that Google Calendar had launched. I have been using the 30Boxes online calendar for a while, and both Rach and I found it pretty useful. However, I have to say that in my opinion Google Calendar blows it away.

Google Calendar 

Online Calendars are going to become hot property. Outlook 12 supports the consumption of online calendars, so you can see your 30Boxes or Google Calendar in your client. Microsoft are already touting a number of free online calendars so you can have your favourite TV schedule, or sports games directly in your calendar.

Why is Google Calendar so good. Try it and see.

Some of the cool things I have found:

  • Multiple Calendars
  • Can share Calendars with other people, and give them rights to add items (Rach and I are using this to keep our 'family' schedule together)
  • You can add Event information to Gmail messages and track the responses within GCal (as I will call it from now on)
  • You can make public feeds of your GCal, be it just free / busy information or complete data
  • A bit like the 30Boxes magic box, there is a quick add to add something to your calendar in natural language
  • Click and drag works to create and move appointments
  • It will alert you, by popup, email or SMS (if you are in the states, other countries to come)
  • It imports from Outlook (but not automatically)
  • And of course, you can search using all the power of Google that you have come to know and love.




One response

25 04 2006

Excellent news, and the first I’ve heard of it (shows how it’s sometimes useful to look at the odd random blog).

I’m going to add an export feature in Universalis so that people can import into their Google Calendars.

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