Another week of parenthood..

17 03 2006

It’s been another full on week, thank god I have been on holiday. Abbie has been consuming every waking moment of Rach and my time. She has put on heaps of weight since being born and the whole losing too much weight problems of the first few days. Earlier this week we had a check up with the Maternal Health nurse and all well.

Had enough of being photo'dThis past week we’ve had a few disjointed nights where we are all learning about sleeping and feeding. Rach and I let Abbie sleep a bit too much one day and paid for it that night when she would only sleep in 1.5 hour chunks. The next day both Rach and I were stuffed. We have learnt from that mistake.
Abbie has done her best to get me to be sick, twice this week there was a totally unatural substance in her nappy that nearly floored me. Why is it always when it’s my turn to change the nappy?

I have also realised that she is getting sick of having photo’s taken, as this photo shows (note the finger)..

Unfortunatley the week has gone way too fast, and I am back to work on Monday. It’s going to be really hard to leave at 6:00am on Monday morning..



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