Diary of Abbie.. Week One

11 03 2006

It’s been an interesting week, I have managed to fool my parents into thinking I need them to do everything. Basically I sleep for a couple of hours, wake up, cry and they bring me food. It rocks. On Thursday that pesky bit of umbillical cord fell off and the clamp was digging into my stomach, the buggers didn’t notice for a good 2 hours even though I cried.

Mum and Dad are being way too strange. Everytime I wake up, they are looking at me and smiling. Get over it. To try and teach them a lesson, I have been sick on Dad,left the vilest runniest mustard poo’s for them and keep having a scream in the middle of the night. This morning I poo’d so much I filled the nappy up and some. They have learnt I prefer the disposables to the cloth ones, less itchy you see.

Abbie sleeping

I have lured the suckers into letting me sleep in the master bedroom, of course, they are still in there, but I am working on getting rid of them by crying some more in the middle of the night. It’s not quite working yet, but give it a couple more weeks and the room will be mine. Just need a telly and foxtel and I will be sorted.
Dad keeps putting me on Skype so I can see my grandparents in the UK. He always does it when I have just got up and not had a chance to have a bath, or look my best. So I cry to get him to stop. Unfortunately it’s not working, and they just think I am cute. When they arrive in two weeks I shall charm them a bit more.. putty in my hands.

My aussie grandparents bought me a pressie today, a kite. I am one week old and will have to wait a fair while to use it. It’s also in the St Kilda colours, so I doubt I will use it at all 😉 I told dad to tell them I wanted a video ipod, but I don’t think they believe him.

Well I have to go now, milk to drink, nappies to fill, places to sleep. I thought you might like a photo of me chilling out on Mum’s shoulder.



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