Sunburnt Plumbers Crack…

6 02 2006
I’ve been making the most of my pre baby arrival time by getting lots and lots of things done around the house, and doing some hardcore nerding. The past three weeks, Rach, her Dad and I have been blitzing the garden and stuff outside. To date we have done the following:
  • Built a large retaining wall at the back of the house
  • Levelled and paved the side of the house
  • Prepared 110 square meters of garden with top soil
  • Shifted
    • 8 cubic meters +  of top soil
    • 3 cubic meters of packing sand
    • 3 cubic meters of pebbles
    • 2 cubic meters of crushed rock
    • 160 pavers
    • 110 square meters of turf
  • Landscaped and planted the front garden and side with turf and plants
  • Restarted work on the decking, including starting to lay the top only to find it was a bit ‘too flexible’, so ripped it up and added another 16 joists
  • And finally this weekend laid about half of the merbu on the top (which resulted in a rather nasty case of sunburnt plumbers crack!)
On the nerdy front, I am waiting with baited breath for the new build of Vista to roll out. The Feb CTP is allegedly feature complete and contains fixes to the networking (which is the only reason I am not using it as my main OS now). Of course, sods law dictates that it will come out when our baby is due and I will have no time, nor inclanation to look at it! 
I stumbled across a website called Techcrunch that is full of Web 2.0 news. I am really impressed at some of the stuff out there. At the moment I am playing around with 30Boxes an online calendar application. These are going to get really hot, especially with the RSS calendar functionality that Outlook 12 is going to be bringing to the party.  I have also jumped on the bandwagon, but still need to play around with it some more. Oh yeah, IE7 Beta 2 was released, much better than Beta 1, but the tabley hated it so it had to be uninstalled.
I guess that’s it. I’m going to be quiet for the next few weeks, got a really big bid starting at work on Wednesday which will suck all of my time, and then of course, the impending arrival of Baby Burtion which should be the next time I post.



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