Two most excellent days…

25 01 2006

What an excellent two days. My company have just had a two day company wide conference over in Adelaide. It’s pretty impressive that they get the whole company to down tools for two days, fly them to Adelaide and put them up for what is effectively a big company meeting. This is the second ‘Away Days’ I have been to, last year I joined the company on away days, meeting my collegues at the airport for the first time!! I have to admit you get a lot more out of it if you know the people. All in all the two days were really great. I got so much out of it, there are some really exciting times ahead.
On another note, I also got a fantastic phone call yesterday lunchtime, my Permanent Residency was granted!! YAY!! Rach and I are wrapped. Whilst we didn’t think there would be a problem, there was always the possibility that there would be a problem and I would get deported… but worry no more.. 🙂
It’s Australia Day tomorrow, so I get a day off work work, and get to do home work. I believe it’s going to be in the 40’s so it will be fun working out in the garden getting ready for the $1000 of turf that is arriving on Saturday…
oh and 5 more weeks to go!! 😛



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