Happy New Year folks…

13 01 2006

Sorry this post is a little late, I had hoped to write one of those review of 2005 and what’s to come in 2006 posts, but never got the chance to do it. I have just had two incredibly relaxing weeks of work where I managed to get into the really bad habit of sleeping in the afternoon, mainly as my pregnant wife was doing it. Unfortunately now I am back at work about 3:00 I start to feel my eyelids getting heavy and starting to go, so it’s off for a quick hit of coffee!!
Christmas and New Years was really good. We had a cracking time both at home and up in Ballarat for a couple of days R&R. Whilst Ballarat isn’t the most exciting place, there is a fair amount of things to do around there. If you havn’t been to the Blood on the Southern Cross at Soverign Hill, do it. It’s fantastic.
Stay tuned.. I have more posts.. including news on a new gadget 🙂
Oh yeah, only 7 more weeks until the little one’s ship date 🙂



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