Merry Christmas

25 12 2005
Merry Christmas to both of my readers! 🙂
I am suffering from a huge great British Fryup Christmas Treat breakfast, including English bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs, beans and loads of toast.. Lovely… As we are having Christmas dinner instead of Christmas lunch, we thought a large breakfast would be in order…
I just noticed that Google is now letting Aussies sign up for gmail accounts using SMS. There is a link on the main page. Gmail is pretty cool. I am writing this blog post using it now. Oh and before I forget, to the reader in my comments who thinks I would endorse a dog turd if it had Microsoft on it, this beats the Windows Live Mail beta hands down in my opinion.



One response

10 01 2006
Helga Guerrin


Any chance of an update on your torments with Vista beta over the Xmas period?


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